The site will be under re/construction continuously. The moment I get some time I will ad some drawings, sketches, paintings & other stuff. Have a good time...
Eindelijk, na vele jaren dralen, heeft Bodoni zijn website weer geactiveerd. Finally, after hesitating for too many years, Bodoni reactivated his website. Äntligen, efter flera års dröjande, har Bodoni aktiverat sin webbsida igen.
Welkom! Welcome! Välkommen!
Paul Bodoni Ekebonäs Lyan 610 75 Västerljung Sverige/Sweden Tel: +46 70 - 642 30 44 Bodoni (1954) is a Dutch artist, living in Sweden since 1988, working with people and art for over four decades. At this moment Bodoni is involved in a huge project: The creation of the worlds biggest artwork entirely made of over two and a half million plastic beads!