Bodoni's book ' Terra Harmonica ' was published by Oog en Blik in 2009. It is beautifully printed and carefully put together att printinghouse Rob Stolk. It is a so called ' leparello ' book.
The black and white foto's of the pages are made att Rob Stolks.
In 1986 my book: ' 2 Alfredo's op een Groene Prairiewolf ' appeared. It got a very nice reception from both critics and public. At first the book got published without a title on the cover. As a result people did not even open the book to look into it. Then I decided that there should be a sleeve jacket around the book... So one night Henk Langeveld, who in those days made ' The Milky Ways ' silkscreen posters, helped me to print the the Neon Cover for the Alfredo album. There were only made 500 copies of these...
This is the back site of the Alfredo book